Werkbijeenkomst #24


18:00 – 22: 00


Daarnaast organiseren we op dit moment doelgerichte werkbijeenkomsten, voortbouwend op de tradities die we tijdens het wadvogelwerk (Metawad- Waddenfonds), vele jaren Kening fan ‘e Greide, en het grutto-onderzoek in zuidwest Fryslân hebben ontwikkeld.

Centre for global ecological change

Birdeyes is a science and creative centre that views the world - almost literally - through the eyes of birds. More and more birds are flying around with tiny transmitters, loggers and other high technology on their backs and legs. This generates an unimaginable amount of information. By cleverly combining such data with other sources of information, and by using new ways to tell stories and share the insights with, BirdEyes strives to open up a new knowledge network. The centre aims to be an innovative part of the University of Groningen. BirdEyes, with empirical and inspirational roots in the farthest corners of the world.

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