Creative 'WoeMiBo' VIII: Re-imagining conservation links


Jan 31 2024 (15:00-17:00)

BirdEyes (Zaailand 110 Leeuwarden)

Many scientists and conservationists share similar ideals, and conservation bodies rely on evidence produced by scientists to influence policy. But while academics and conservationists could greatly reinforce each other, they often seem to live and operate in different worlds. Petra de Goeij (BirdEyes) met with Janske van den Crommenacker and Sharina van Boheemen (both at BirdLife Netherlands) in the Lauwersmeer and discussed this situation. They found out that there’s a shared aim to start a fresh co-operation and re-imagine on how to make academia and conservation work better together.

Petra, Janske and Sharina planned a meeting 31 January at BirdEyes. If you like to join in thinking about how we can start a new way of working together, helping each other, inspiring each other please join the meeting.

If you are interested, please sign up HERE.


In addition, we are currently organizing targeted work meetings, building on the traditions that we have developed during the Wadvogelwerk (Metawad-Waddenfonds), Kening fan ‘e Greide for many years, and the black-tailed godwit research in southwest Fryslân.

Centre for global ecological change at the University of Groningen

Birdeyes is a science and creative centre that views the world - almost literally - through the eyes of birds. More and more birds are flying around with tiny transmitters, loggers and other high technology on their backs and legs. This generates an unimaginable amount of information. By cleverly combining such data with other sources of information, and by using new ways to tell stories and share the insights with, BirdEyes strives to open up a new knowledge network. The centre aims to be an innovative part of the University of Groningen and is linked to the Rudolph Agricola School for Sustainable Development. BirdEyes, with empirical and inspirational roots in the farthest corners of the world.

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